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304/316/316L Stainless Steel Hexagon Socket Button Head Bolt

Short Description:

  • Standard:
  • Material:
    201,304,316,316L, 667
  • Grade:
    A2-70, A4-70, A2-50,A4-80
  • Nominal Diameter:
  • Pitch:
  • Length:
  • Surface Treatment:
    True Colors, Whitewash, Wash the light
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    The definition of Hexagon Socket Button Head Bolt refers to the screw with hexagon socket head and flat round head. The professional name of the screw industry is called flat cup, which is a relatively simple overview. It is also called hexagon socket round cup, socket socket flat head bolt. There are two kinds of materials for hexagon socket head dome head screws. These two are commonly used materials, including stainless steel and carbon steel. For carbon steel, we generally refer to iron. Carbon steel is divided into grades of hardness, including low carbon steel, Medium carbon steel and high carbon steel. Therefore, the strength grades of hexagon socket head screws are 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9

    Will 304 stainless steel socket head cap bolts rust? 304 stainless steel screws do not necessarily corrode and rust, but that stainless steel screws are more resistant to corrosion and rust than iron screws. But stainless steel screws can still rust under certain circumstances. So under what conditions are the outer hexagon screws easy to cause rust! What is the cause of rust? Hexagon socket head screws have better characteristics, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and strong rust resistance. But it will rust in harsh environments. For example, when the screw is very humid, it is exposed to the sun and the wind every day, and it is hit by the wind and rain. Over time, it will definitely rust a bit. For example, in contact with some acid-base chemicals to cause chemical reactions. cause corrosion and rust. There are also bad stainless steel screws, such as stainless steel SUS201 screws used in seawater. Due to long-term immersion, the original stainless steel 201 material itself is not suitable for use in salty seawater. cause corrosion and rust. It is generally recommended to use stainless steel 316 stainless steel screws when it is often used in acidic environments or where there is sea water nearby, because 316 stainless steel screws have better corrosion resistance and other properties.

    Advantages of Stainless Steel Hexagon Socket Button Head Bolt:

    1. High-quality materials, reliable quality, and provide product certificates

    2. Standard round head hexagon, the force is very uniform, and the fastening effect is better

    3. Deep thread, uniform pitch, smooth surface, no burr

    4. Complete specifications, sturdy and durable, long service life

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    Why choose us?

    1. Experience: 10+ years of focus on screw customization, with an excellent technical team

    2. Scale: 10,000 square meters workshop, large output, complete categories

    3. Service: Cooperate with a number of logistics companies to deliver products to customers as quickly as possible

    Production Process

    Production- process

    Application of Stainless Steel Hexagon Socket Button Head Bolt:

    Half-round head bolts are mostly used in situations where the structure is restricted, it is inconvenient for other head type bolts or the connected parts require a smooth bolt head. The square neck or tenon structure prevents the bolt from rotating. Ordinary dome head bolts are mostly used on metal parts; large dome head bolts are mostly used on wooden parts; reinforced dome head bolts are mostly used for shock, vibration or alternating loads.

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    Our Certification

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