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304/316/316L Stainless Steel Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Bolts

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    True color, Wash light,Wash the light
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    Hexagon Countersunk Head Bolt, also known as hexagon socket head cap screws, flat cup socket head cap screws, flat head screws, countersunk head socket head cap screws, countersunk head socket head cap screws. The head is conical, and the middle is a concave hexagon. After installation, the head of the screw can be embedded in the installation surface, and the surface is flat and beautiful. The head of the countersunk head socket head cap screw can be embedded in the component, which can apply a large torque and has a high connection strength, which can replace the hexagonal bolt. It is often used in joints where compact structure and smooth appearance are required.

    Alternative standards: DIN 7991 - 1986 DIN EN ISO 10642 - 2004 DIN EN ISO 10642 - 2013

    Approximate standard: GB /T 70.3 UNI5933

    Optional material: SUS304 SUS316 2205 2507 etc.

    Product features: high precision, easy to fasten and disassemble, not easy to slip angle, flat and beautiful

    Application industry: suitable for machinery, wind power, electric power, electronics, communication and other industries

    How to use: Allen wrench

    Precautions: Use the correct torque to twist, do not over-tighten

    Common standards: ISO10642, GB70.3, UNI5933

    Advantages of Stainless Steel Hexagon Countersunk Head Bolts:

    1. High-quality raw materials, strict control, quality assurance

    2. Wear-resistant and durable, anti-moisture, no rust, beautiful and practical

    3. The thread is clear, the force is even and not easy to slip

    4. The product is smooth and burr-free, with high quality workmanship

    5. Standard inner hexagon, which can be quickly installed with tools to save costs

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    Why choose us?

    1. Experience: 10+ years of industry production experience

    2. Scale: using advanced equipment, production quality is guaranteed

    3. Price: Supply from the original factory, large production capacity, large quantity and excellent price

    4. Service: 24-hour online customer service to solve customer problems in a timely manner

    Production Process

    Production- process

    Application of Stainless Steel Hexagon Countersunk Head Bolts:

    Stainless steel countersunk head bolts are mostly used in occasions where the surface of the parts to be connected is required to be flat or smooth without blocking things. 

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    Our Certification

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