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Purchasing Flat Washers Need To Pay Attention To What Issues ?

Flat washer is one of the washers, in the use of fasteners in the area are used flat washers, the use of flat washers, usually used in conjunction with the nut, then the procurement of flat washers need to pay attention to what issues? The following Aozhan fastener screw manufacturers to explain to you.

Stainless-Flat Washers

Bolt or screw coupling is in accordance with its specifications to select the corresponding washer. Corresponding washer specifications model and bolt screw specifications are corresponding, these are standard parts, or a better choice. In addition to the need to pay attention to the specification model problem, the following aspects are the problems that need attention when purchasing flat washers, see what you understand?

1, the choice of gasket material should pay attention to, not the same metal contact when the electrochemical corrosion problem. The procured flat washers should not be subject to corrosion of chemical media, and can not contaminate the media. The raw materials of flat washers are generally the same as the raw materials of bolts or screws, generally steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.. When there is a conductivity standard, copper and copper alloy can be used.

2, flat washer diameter specifications according to the larger value of the diameter of the screw or screw procurement, procurement principles is the diameter of the washer slightly more than the diameter of the bolt, too large or too small are not suitable for use. Screw connection, choose slightly larger than the maximum of the screw outside the view of the flat washer can be. Connected material if it is relatively soft (such as composite materials) or with spring washers with its outer diameter is appropriate to choose a larger value.

3, if the bolt or screw head under the washer, in order to prevent the head under the rounded corners and washers interfere with each other, can be used with the bore chamfered flat washer.

4, the bore diameter of the bolt is relatively large, or in order to improve the pressure resistance, should use steel washers, tensile bolts or pull-shear composite bolt connection should use steel washers, under the influence of pressure load and the use of temperature, the compressive performance is better, otherwise it will cause the bolt torque loss, resulting in a reduction in the surface stress of the gasket, thus hard gas system leakage.

5, special washers for special locations, if the need for electrical conductivity can be used with copper washers; there are sealing standards can be used to seal the gasket, etc., after tightening, the reason should be able to fit to ensure sealing.

Flat washers can effectively disperse the pressure of the nut on the connected parts, the most basic choice of standard parts also depends on the actual demand, based on the bolt screw pairing appropriate flat washers.

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Post time: Nov-18-2022