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What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Wire Rope Chuck?

Steel wire rope chuck is also called steel wire rope chuck. In life is very widely used, so the use of wire rope chuck should pay attention to what aspects? The following small introduction to everyone.

Wire rope chuck connection method is generally common chuck fixing method. The general use of steel wire rope chuck, there are riding type, pressure plate type and fist grip type three, in which riding type connection force is the strongest; use also more widely, pressure plate type second, fist grip type because there is no base, very easy to destroy the wire rope, connection force and poor, generally do not use.


Steel wire rope chuck use to pay attention to the following aspects.

1. The use of the chuck, should make the U-shaped ring in the spacing than the wire rope aperture 1 ~ 3mm, too big snap connection card is not tight, very easy to accident.

2. When on the chuck must screw the bolt tightly until the rope is squeezed 1/3 ~ 1/4 aperture, and after the rope bear the force, then the chuck bolt twist tightly once to ensure that the connection head is strong and reliable.

3. chuck to a smooth sort, U-shaped parts and rope head touch, can’t touch with the main rope. If the U-shaped part touches with the main rope, the main rope is squeezed flat, easy to break the belt when bearing the force.

4. In order to facilitate the check connection head is not stable and find the wire rope is not rolling, can from the last clip head behind about 500mm and then a clip head, and the rope head release a “security bend”. In that way, when the joint wire rope produces the rolling, “security bend” is the first to be straightened, this time should immediately take effective measures to solve.

The wire rope chuck is mainly used for the temporary connection of the wire rope and the wire rope wears around the skid group after the hand rope fixation, as well as the cable wind rope head on the grubbing pole fixation, including phosphate coating wire rope, galvanized wire rope, stainless steel wire rope and glossy wire rope. This is the more widely used wire rope work jig for lifting and hoisting operations.

The above is a simple introduction to the use of wire rope chuck should pay attention to matters, I hope it will help you. Purchase wire rope chuck choose Aozhan hardware bolt products, the choice of high-quality materials, wide range of applications, construction operation is simple. Can send e-mail:, get preferential quotation, welcome to consult.

Post time: Nov-19-2022