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About Us

About Us

Company Profile

Established in 2012,  Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sale of quality hardware fasteners. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality and reliable products to solve the pain points in the industry.

As a leader in the hardware fastener industry, we understand the challenges and pains faced by our customers. Therefore, we are not just a fastener supplier, but a partner who works closely with our customers to solve problems.

First and foremost, we focus on product quality and reliability. We strictly follow international standards and are equipped with advanced production facilities and quality testing equipment. Each batch of products undergoes rigorous inspection and testing to ensure compliance with high standards. Our products undergo rigorous workmanship and material selection to provide outstanding durability and stability and can be used in a variety of harsh environments.

Secondly, we constantly strive for innovation and improvement. As technology continues to advance and market demands change, we continue to invest significant resources in research and development and technological innovation. We have established partnerships with a number of research institutes and universities to continually introduce newer, more efficient and easier to use products. Our team consists of a group of talented and experienced engineers who have a deep understanding of our customers' needs and provide the best solutions.

In addition, we focus on customer service and communication. Our sales team has the expertise and experience to provide timely and effective technical support and solutions. We actively listen to our customers' opinions and feedbacks, and continuously improve our products and services. We always put our customers' satisfaction and interests in the first place, and maintain a close partnership with them to grow and develop together.

 Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. is known in the industry for product quality, technological innovation and customer service. Our efforts are aimed at helping our customers to solve their pain points and provide high quality products and solutions to help them gain an advantage in the competitive market. We always believe that by working closely with our customers, continuing to innovate and improve, we can become a leader in the hardware and fastener industry and make a positive contribution to the development of the industry.

 Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. looks forward to creating a bright future with you!

Why Choose Us

Production, product and brand advantages:

Our company has advanced production processes and equipment, which can ensure the production of high-quality products. We adopt international standards for product design and manufacturing, and strictly control product quality to ensure product stability and reliability. Aozhan Hardware products are exported to 21 countries around the world, such as the United States, Italy, India, Iraq, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. We have won the trust and recognition of our customers through continuous innovation and improvement of product performance.


Equipment Advantage:

We have invested a lot of money and resources to introduce the most advanced production equipment and technology. This enables us to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and meet customers' demands for high quality products. We constantly update our equipment and strengthen its maintenance and management to ensure its normal operation and efficient production.

Advantage of supply capacity:

We have established a stable supply chain system and long-term cooperation with many reliable suppliers. This enables us to procure raw materials and components efficiently, organize production in a timely manner and deliver customer orders on time. We have a perfect inventory management system, which makes us capable of meeting customers' needs, whether for small orders or large-scale projects.


Free Sample Advantage:

We provide free sample service so that customers can understand and evaluate our products before purchase. We believe that by allowing customers to try and evaluate our products in person, we can enhance their confidence in our products and promote the establishment of long-term cooperative relationships.

Talent Advantage:

We have a team full of experience and expertise. Our employees have rich industry experience and technical backgrounds, with unique expertise in production and quality control. They are loyal, responsible and actively committed to continuously improving their professional abilities and technical level. We emphasize on talent cultivation and development, and provide employees with a good working environment and development opportunities to ensure the stability of the team and the continuous improvement of the ability.


Advantage of after-sales service:

We take pride in our 24-hour timely response. We are well aware of the rapid changes in the business environment and the urgent needs of our customers. Therefore, our customer service team is always ready to help and support our customers. Whether it is product consultation, order processing or after-sales service, we guarantee to give timely responses and solutions in the shortest possible time, so that our customers can feel our efficient service.

Historical Milestones of the Company


The company started its hardware fastener business in a humble little workshop. Although the scale was limited, the company's team was full of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit.


With the growth of market demand and customer's recognition, the company gradually expanded its production scale and formally established  Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. in 2012. Through the introduction of advanced production equipments and technologies, the company improved its production efficiency and product quality, and won more and more customers' favor.


Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. successfully obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. This certification not only proves the company's excellence in quality control, but also further consolidates the company's leading position in the industry. Customers' trust in the company has increased significantly and the partnership has been further strengthened.2017: With the continuous expansion of business,  Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. relocated to a larger production base in 2017. The new production base is equipped with advanced equipment and efficient production lines, enabling the company to better meet the needs of its customers.


Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. has continuously expanded its share of domestic and international markets. The company actively participates in international trade fairs and exhibitions, and has established a wide range of cooperative relationships with customers around the world. The company's products are exported to all over the world and have won favorable comments from domestic and foreign customers.


Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading companies in the fastener industry. The company has a professional and passionate R&D team, which constantly promotes technological innovation and product upgrading. At the same time, the company focuses on staff training and team building, creating a high-quality workforce.

In the future

the company will continue to focus on technological innovation and product quality, and constantly improve the level of service to provide customers with better quality products and solutions. The company will endeavor to develop towards higher goals and strive for greater achievements in the industry.

Enterprise culture, goal, slogan


Aozhan Hardware Fastener Co., Ltd. adheres to the corporate culture of people-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovation and development. We focus on staff training and development, encourage teamwork and innovative spirit to provide high quality products and services to meet customer needs.

1-1 Enterprise-culture
1-2 Enterprise-culture


2-1 Enterprise-goal

1.Create high quality hardware fastener products

We are committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the hardware fastener industry, and we continuously improve the quality and performance of our products to meet customers' needs by introducing advanced equipment and technology.

2-2 Enterprise-goal

2. Provide high quality customer service

We attach importance to customers' feedback and needs, and endeavor to provide customers with professional and timely technical support and high quality after-sales service, and establish long-term cooperative partnership.

2-3 Enterprise-goal

3. Continuous innovation and development

We actively invest in the field of research and development, introduce advanced technology and equipment, and continue to innovate and introduce new products with market competitiveness to meet the changing needs of our customers.


"Quality creates value, Aozhan creates future together", this is our slogan. We believe that only by continuously improving the quality of our products and working hand in hand with our customers can we create greater value and a future of common development.

3. Enterprise-slogan

Company Story

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