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Stainless Steel Cross Pan Head Tapping Screw

Short Description:

  • Standard:
  • Name:
    Cross pan head tapping screws
  • Material:
    stainless steel/304/316/316L/321/310S/667
  • Grade:
    A2-70 / A3 / 20H
  • Nominal Diameter:
  • Tooth Pitch:
  • Length:
  • Surface Treatment:
    natural color
  • Product Detail

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    Description of Stainless Steel Cross Pan Head Tapping Screw

    Cross recessed pan head is also called cross self-tapping screw. Cross pan head tapping screw is composed of three parts: head, rod and rod end. Each self-tapping screw is composed of four major elements: head shape, screwing method, thread type, and end type. Nanning Aozhan Hardware mainly produces 201 304 316 316L stainless steel self-tapping screws, complete specifications, a wide range of customized support, contact us quickly to order.

    Advantages of Stainless Steel Cross Pan Head Tapping Screw

    1. Anti-rust and corrosion resistant

    2. High temperature resistance, good strength

    3. High efficiency in use

    4. Easy to use, low cost

    Quality Inspection


    Why choose us?

    1. Scale: 200+ sets of production and processing equipment, 3000+ tons in stock

    2. Customization: Customized by drawing, free sample making

    3. Service: cooperate with many logistics companies, convenient and fast delivery

    4. After-sales service: 24-hour online customer service, all-round service

    Production Process

    Production- process

    Application of Stainless Steel Cross Pan Head Tapping Screw:

    Cross Pan Head Tapping Screw is used for non-metallic or soft metal without low hole punching and tapping. Self-tapping screws have a pointed head so that they can "self-tapping". Ordinary screws are flat-headed, the same thickness. Self-tapping screws are: the holes drilled are holes without tapping, the screws used are different from the general ones, the head is pointed, the tooth pitch is larger, and the chipless tapping is a bit like, can be screwed directly without tapping, metal and plastic usually use this method.

    Application Diagram

    Application Diagram

    Our Certification

    Our Certification

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