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Stainless Steel Pan Head Drill Screw

Short Description:

  • Standard:
  • Name:
    Stainless cross recessed pan head drill screws, stainless round head drill screws
  • Material:
    stainless steel
  • Grade:
    304 / 316 / 410
  • Nominal Diameter:
  • Tooth Pitch:
  • Length:
  • Surface Treatment:
    natural color
  • Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

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    Description of Stainless Steel Pan Head Drill Screws

    Stainless steel cross recessed pan head drill screws have a drilled or pointed end, and can be drilled, tapped, and locked directly into the set-up material or base material without any auxiliary processing, which greatly saves construction time. Compared with ordinary screws, its toughness and maintenance force is high, and it will not loosen even after a long time of combination, so it is safe to use. 304 316 410 Stainless steel pan head drill screws is one of the main products of Aozhan hardware fastener manufacturers, with complete specifications and a wide range of non-standard parts to support customization, hurry! Contact us to purchase!

    Advantages of Stainless Steel Pan Head Drill Screws

    1.Can drill, tap and lock directly on the material

    2. Save construction time, use safe and reliable

    3. Resistant to corrosion and rust, durable

    4. High tensile force and maintenance force

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    Why choose us?

    1. Scale: advanced production equipment, annual production capacity of 10000+ tons

    2. Products: sufficient stock of drilling screws, many varieties, full specifications, affordable prices

    3. Service: adhering to the "quality first, integrity-based" service purpose

    4. After-sales service: The company has an after-sales service department to provide help at any time

    Production Process

    Production- process

    Application of Stainless Steel Pan Head Drill Screw

    Drill screw is a kind of screw, mainly used in the steel structure of the color steel tile fixed also can be used in the proposed construction of thin plate fixed. Such as steel roof, car body, container box, shipbuilding industry, refrigeration equipment and other assembly projects. Drill-tail screws cannot be used for fixing metal to metal bonding.

    Application Diagram

    Application Diagram

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    Our Certification

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