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Carbon Steel Anchor Bolts

Short Description:

Standard: GB/T 799-2020

Name: carbon steel anchor bolt

Material: Q235, Q355, alloy steel

Grade: 4.8, 8.8, grade

Alias: pre-buried parts, pre-buried bolts,

Nominal diameter: M6-M100

Length: 60-800

Surface Treatment: natural, blackened, galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, galvanized, Dacromet, spray paint

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal

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Description of Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt can be divided into fixed anchor bolt, movable anchor bolt, expanded anchor bolt and bonded anchor bolt, which are divided into different shapes: L-shaped anchor bolt, 9-shaped anchor bolt, U-shaped pre-built anchor bolt, welded pre-built anchor bolt, base plate pre-built anchor bolt, welded claw anchor bolt, scale hook anchor bolt, T-shaped anchor bolt, tile hook anchor bolt, etc. bolt, base plate pre-buried anchor bolt, welded claw anchor bolt, scale hook anchor bolt, T-anchor bolt, tile hook anchor bolt, etc. Depending on the conditions of use, they can reach grade 3.6, 4.8, 6.8 and 8.8 respectively. It is suitable for various equipment fixing, steel structure foundation pre-buried parts, street lights, traffic signs, pumps, boiler installation, heavy equipment pre-buried fixing, etc.

Installation method of Anchor Bolt

1, a buried method: when pouring concrete, the anchor bolt will be buried. When high towers, etc. to tilt control, anchor bolts should be used once buried method.

2, reserved hole method: equipment in place, the hole will be cleaned, the anchor bolt into the hole, equipment positioning to find the right and then use the original foundation than the level of non-shrinkage fine stone concrete for pouring, pounding solid. The distance from the center of the anchor bolt to the edge of the foundation should not be less than 2d (d is the diameter of anchor bolt) and not less than 15mm (d ≤ 20 should not be less than 10mm), and not less than half of the width of the anchor plate plus 50mm, when the above requirements cannot be met, appropriate measures should be taken to strengthen. The diameter of anchor bolt for structure should not be less than 20mm, and when it is subjected to seismic action, it should be fixed with double nuts or other effective measures to prevent loosening, but the anchor bolt anchorage length should be increased by 5d compared with the non-seismic anchorage length.

Advantages of Anchor Bolt

1、Made of high quality carbon steel material, high strength, firm and durable.

2、Good weather resistance and anti-aging performance, stable in -40℃ to +70℃ temperature environment for a long time.

3、Anti-vibration, anti-weathering, anti-fracture, long service life.

4、Easy to disassemble and assemble, convenient construction, fast, economic and safe.

5、anchor bolt factory direct sales, spot supply, no middleman price difference.

Quality Inspection


Why choose us

1. experience: engaged in anchor bolt manufacturing and processing for more than 10 years;

2. customization: special specifications, drawings and samples can be customized;

3. scale: more than 200 sets of processing equipment, annual productivity of more than 10000 tons, spot supply. 

4. service: the company has long-term cooperation with many logistics, to ensure that the goods can reach the customer in the shortest possible time;

5. after-sales service: 24-hour after-sales team is online to respond to customers' problems quickly.

Production Process

Production- process

Application of Anchor Bolt

1、Fixed anchor bolt, also known as short anchor bolt, is poured together with the foundation and used to fix equipment without strong vibration and shock.

2、Activated anchor bolt, also known as long anchor bolt, is a removable anchor bolt used to fix heavy machinery and equipment that work with strong vibration and shock.

3、Expansion anchor bolt is often used to fix the stationary simple equipment or auxiliary equipment. The installation of the anchor bolt should meet the following requirements: the distance from the center of the bolt to the edge of the foundation is not less than 7 times the diameter of the anchor bolt; the strength of the foundation where the anchor bolt is installed should not be less than 10MPa; there should be no cracks in the drill hole, and attention should be paid to prevent the drill bit from colliding with the reinforcement and buried pipe in the foundation; the diameter and depth of the drill hole should be matched with the anchor bolt. anchor bolt match.

4、Bonding anchor bolt is a kind of anchor bolt commonly used in recent years, its method and requirements are the same as the expansion anchor bolt, but when bonding pay attention to the hole debris blowing clean, and shall not be subject to moisture.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram

Our Certification

Our Certification


1. What is the quality of your bolt products? How to ensure the high quality of your bolt products?

Nanning Aozhan Hardware has been engaged in bolt manufacturing and processing for more than 10 years, and our technology and techniques are constantly improving.

Our bolts have been sold to many countries in the world and have been recognized and praised by customers for their stable quality.

Choose Aozhan hardware bolts, choose professional, choose good service. 

2. What should I know if I want to get a quote?

*What type of bolt do you need? (Hexagonal bolts? Self-tapping nails? Drill-tail nails? Nuts? Washers? etc.)

*The specifications of the bolt? (preferably with drawings or just tell us)

*The material of the bolt? (Stainless steel, 304, 316, carbon steel, etc.) 

3. Do you have any discount on the price of your bolt products?

Usually, all bolt manufacturers adopt two different sales models, one is to win by price and the other is to win by quality.

Our company's aim is to do our best to reduce the customer's input while maintaining the quality of the bolts.

We can guarantee that our prices are reasonable among all manufacturers who can provide bolts of the same quality.

According to the feedback from our customers, our bolt prices are value for money and we look forward to cooperating with you.

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