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Carbon Steel Spring Washers

Short Description:

Standard: ANSI/ASME B18.21.1, DIN127B, DIN7980, GB859, GB93, GB93-76

Name: carbon steel spring washers

Material: carbon steel, Q235, 45#

Grade: 430-510HV, 430-530HV, 4.8 grade, 8.8 grade, 10.9 grade

Alias: Carbon steel elastic gasket, yellow zinc spring washers, white zinc-plated spring washers, black spring washers, Carbon Steel Split Lock Spring Washer Gasket Black, Split Lock Washer

Nominal diameter: Φ3-Φ48

Surface treatment: blackened, yellow zinc, white zinc plated, hot dip galvanized

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal

We are based in China, we have our own factory. We are your best choice and most dependable business partner among many trading companies.

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Description of Carbon Steel Spring Washers

Spring washers, also known as spring washers, is mainly the role of anti-loosening, often with nuts, screws, bolts used. Spring washers belong to the threaded fastener connection in the anti-loosening components, its working principle, belongs to the free rotation type, mainly with its washer elasticity on the threaded connection vice to play a major role in anti-loosening; spring washers also cut into the connected parts with its cutting edge to play a role in anti-loosening; in the connected parts and bolts or nuts between the formation of a hard support surface, so that the load distribution more uniform. Their anti-loosening ability increases with the increase in preload of the threaded connection.

Carbon steel spring washer is a common elastic washer, it can be divided into black spring washers, yellow zinc spring washers, white zinc plated spring washers, hot-dip galvanized spring washers, blue and white zinc spring washers, carbon steel split lock spring washer gasket black, split lock washer, spring lock washer carbon steel 8.8 grade, metric lock gasket, etc. according to the different surface treatment.

We are carbon steel bullet washer manufacturer with complete specifications and short delivery lead time to provide you with bullet washer price." Good quality and good service" has always been our aim. We make every effort to control the quality, packaging, labeling, etc. We will be dedicated to control the quality and check every detail before production and shipment, and we are willing to establish long-term business relationships with those who seek high quality products and good service. We have established a wide sales network throughout European countries, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia countries, If you are interested, please contact us, you will find our professional experience and high quality products will help your business.

Advantages of Carbon Steel Spring Washers

①.spring washers have a good anti-loosening effect, which can ensure the long-term stability and safety of the connections.

②.spring washers have a good anti-vibration effect, reduce the vibration and impact between the connecting parts.

③.low manufacturing cost, washer manufacturers, to help your procurement costs straight down 20%.

④.easy to install, just place between the connections, no additional tools and skills are required.

Quality Inspection


Why choose us

1.Factory direct sales: gasket source factory supply, no middleman price difference

2. Quality assurance: strict quality control, provide gasket qualification certificate

3. Experienced: 10+ years focus on screw customization, excellent technical service

4. Fast logistics: long-term cooperation with a number of logistics, low transportation costs

5. Perfect after-sales service: with excellent technical service team, timely response to customer problems 

Production Process

Production- process

Application of Carbon Steel Spring Washers

Carbon steel spring washers have a wide range of applications in various industries and fields. Among them, the main application areas are as follows:

1.Machinery manufacturing field: carbon steel bullet washers are usually used in the connection of mechanical fasteners, such as bolts, nuts, etc., to reduce the vibration and impact between the connections.

2. Automotive manufacturing field: carbon steel bullet washers are also commonly used in automotive manufacturing, such as automobile engines, transmissions and other connections in the fastening, to reduce the vibration and impact between the connections.

3. Electronic and electrical fields: carbon steel spring washers are also commonly used in the electronic and electrical fields, such as circuit boards, electronic equipment and other connections to reduce the vibration and impact between the connections.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram

Our Certification

Our Certification


1. What do we support?

a. Sales team

We have a professional sales team, all of them come from higher education institutions and have professional fastener knowledge and sales knowledge. The sales staff can provide you with the most reasonable price in the fastest time and can help you solve all fastener problems.

b.Product quality

Aozhan Hardware factory has been engaged in bolt manufacturing and processing for more than 10 years, the process and technology are constantly improving, the products are finely made and burr-free. All dimensions and chamfering are done according to the drawings, and we can provide product inspection reports.

c.Delivery time

Our warehouse ensures that fasteners are in stock up to 88%, such as bolts, nuts, screws and washers, and the products can be delivered quickly, so many customers trust us very much and have a high rate of repeated orders. We have a stable relationship with shipping agents, who help us choose the shortest shipping time to ensure that the products can reach our customers quickly. 

2. Do you have any preferential discounts on the price of your gaskets?

Usually, all gasket manufacturers adopt two different sales models, one is to win by price, the other is to win by quality.

Our company's aim is to do our best to reduce the customer's input while maintaining the quality of the gaskets.

We can guarantee that our prices are reasonable among all manufacturers who can offer the same quality of bolts.

According to the feedback from our customers, our screw washers prices are value for money and we look forward to cooperating with you.

With the principle of fairness, cooperation and win-win situation, we insist on the concept of survival by quality and development by integrity, and sincerely hope to establish good relationship with more and more customers and friends to achieve win-win situation and common prosperity.

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