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Stainless Steel K Nut

Short Description:

  • Standard:
    SJ 2843 (K cap)
  • Name:
    stainless steel K nut
  • Material:
    304 , 304 / 420
  • Grade:
  • Nominal Diameter:
    M3 - M8, 4# -10#, 1/4, 5/16
  • Tooth Pitch:
  • Thread Tooth Type:
    coarse teeth
  • Surface Treatment:
    wash, natural color
  • Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

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    Description of Stainless Steel K Nuts

    K-shaped nuts, also known as K-caps, flower teeth nuts, is a kind of hardware fastening accessories nuts, the outer diameter is hexagonal, and has six angles, one side with 65 manganese steel spring washers with teeth, the side is shaped like a K-shaped so called K-shaped nuts. Purchase stainless steel K-shaped nuts choose Aozhan fastener screw factory, sufficient inventory, complete models, support customization, quickly contact us to order it.

    Advantages of Stainless Steel K Nuts

    1. K-nuts are easy to use and effective

    2. Corrosion resistance and rust resistance

    3. Flower teeth to achieve anti-loose locking

    4. Selected steel raw materials, quality assurance

    Quality Inspection


    Why choose us?

    1.Product: Professional manufacturing, stainless steel K nuts factory direct sales, good quality and low price

    2. Customization: free samples, personalized design, exclusive customization according to demand

    3. Scale: 200+ processing equipment, annual production capacity of 10,000 tons, to meet the supply needs

    4. Service: one-to-one after-sales team, rapid response, timely resolution of customer problems

    Production Process

    Production- process

    Application of Stainless Steel K Nut

    L-nut is pressed into a movable floral tooth piece at one end of the hexagonal nut using the stamping process, and uses the elasticity of the floral tooth and the anti-slip teeth of the floral tooth to achieve the purpose of locking and anti-loosening in the locking process. Because it is easy to use and effective, it is mainly used in machinery, furniture, electrical appliances, electronics, computers, automobiles, sports equipment and other industries.

    Application Diagram

    Application Diagram

    Our Certification

    Our Certification

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