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Stainless Steel Bolts for T-slots

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  • Standard:
  • Material:
  • Grede:
    A2-70, A4-70, A4-80
  • Nominal Diameter:
  • Pitch:
  • Length:
  • Surface Treatment:
    True color, whitewash
  • Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

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    T-bolts, as the name suggests, are bolts used in conjunction with T-slots, also known as T-bolts. Put it directly into the T-slot and fix it by screwing. During the installation process, it can be automatically positioned and locked, and it is often used in conjunction with flange nuts. It is a good helper for installing corner pieces and other profile accessories. T-bolts are often used in conjunction with flange nuts. They are standard supporting connectors when installing corner fittings. They can be selected and used according to the profile groove width and different series of profiles. The fixation of the T-bolt is to use the wedge-shaped slope to promote the expansion to generate frictional gripping force to achieve the fixing effect. The screw is threaded on one end and tapered on the other. The expansion bolt is covered with an iron sheet (some are steel pipes), and half of the iron sheet cylinder (steel pipe) has several incisions. Put them into the hole made in the wall, and then lock the nut. The nut pulls the screw out, and the taper is pulled into the iron sheet. The cylinder, the iron cylinder was swelled open, so it was firmly fixed to the wall.

    In daily life, T-bolts are often used to fix electrical appliances. T-bolts are required to fasten common guardrails, awnings, air conditioners, etc. on cement, bricks and other materials.

    Advantages of Stainless Steel T-bolts:

    1. Durable and not rust

    2. High hardness and no deformation

    3. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free

    4. Wear-resistant and non-corrosive

    5. Beautiful and practical

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    Production Process

    Production- process

    Application of Stainless Steel T-bolts:

    T-slot bolts are suitable for applications where bolts can only be connected from one side of the parts to be connected. Insert the bolt from the T-slot and then turn it by 90°, so that the bolt cannot be disengaged; it is also used in occasions with compact structure requirements.

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    Our Certification

    Our Certification

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