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Production & Inspection

Production & Inspection

Our Testing Includes

Production Process

1. Drawing

2. Production of Screws and Nuts

3. Clean the Passivation

4. Inspection

5. Packing


1. Drawing making:

Before starting to manufacture bolts, our team of engineers will make detailed drawings according to customer requirements and specifications. These drawings include the size, material, processing technology and other information of the bolts to ensure the accuracy and consistency in the production process.

2. Production of Screws and Nuts

According to the drawings, we start manufacturing bolts and nuts using high-quality raw materials. First, the raw material is processed into a suitable shape by cutting, turning and other processing techniques. Then, a threading machine is used to machine threads into the surface of the bolts and nuts for connection with other components.

3. Clean the Passivation

In order to ensure the surface finish and corrosion resistance of the bolts, we will clean and passivate the bolts. First, use a professional cleaner to remove dirt and impurities from the bolt surface. Then, the bolts are immersed in oxalic acid or nitric acid passivation solution to form a protective passivation film.


At each stage of the bolt production process, we carry out strict quality inspections to ensure that the products meet the standards and requirements. Inspection includes visual inspection, dimensional measurement, thread inspection, etc. to confirm the quality and accuracy of bolts.


After finishing the production of bolts, we will carry out professional packaging to protect the products from damage during transportation and storage. Bolts are sorted and packaged according to specification and size, using appropriate packaging materials and protective measures.


After the packing is done, the bolts will be safely loaded into the transport vehicle or container loaded ready for shipment according to customer requirements. We ensure proper loading to minimize the risk of damage during transit and ensure the bolts reach their destination safely and on time.

The above is the bolt production process of Ao Zhan Hardware & Fasteners Ltd. We use efficient and precise manufacturing processes and strict quality control to ensure that every bolt we produce meets the highest standards and quality. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to providing you with quality bolt products and services!