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Stainless Steel Jack Nut

Short Description:

  • Name:
    stainless steel jack nut
  • Material:
    304 / 316
  • Grade:
    A2-70 / A2-80
  • Nominal Diameter:
    M3-M12, 1/4
  • Surface Treatment:
    white wash
  • Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

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    Description of Stainless Steel Jack Nut

    Stainless steel jack nut is also screw nut, used with bolts, designed for fixing things on thin iron plates, firm and easy to install, very practical. Purchase stainless steel jack nut choose us, stainless steel jack nut factory direct sales, complete specifications, a wide range, support customization, quickly contact us for quotation.

    Advantages of Stainless Steel Jack Nut

    1. High fixed strength

    2. Sturdy and durable

    3. Harsh environment, not easy to corrode

    4. Easy installation, high construction efficiency

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    Why choose us

    1.Scale: large capacity, 3000+ tons in stock, 10000 square meters plant area

    2.Experience: 10+ years processing experience of technicians, mature technology

    3.Price: jack nut factory direct sales, large quantity, complete specifications

    4.Guarantee: We have an excellent after-sales team with 24-hour online service

    Production Process

    Production- process

    Application of Stainless Steel Jack Nut

    Jack nut is used with the bolt, first punch a hole in a relatively thin iron plate, put the whole screw into the hole, snap the head of the screw with a special screw, then pull the tool tightly, and let the casing expand through the pull of the tool to clamp the first solid thickness of the wall. After the casing is fixed toward the end, unscrew the middle screw. The screw is screwed through the fixing and screwed into the casing just now. Widely used in the automotive industry, construction machinery, tables, chairs and benches, daily household, product making, etc.

    Application Diagram

    Application Diagram

    Our Certification

    Our Certification

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