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Stainless Steel Pan Head Machine Screws

Short Description:

Standard: GB818
Name: stainless cross recessed pan head machine screws,
stainless steel round head machine screws
Material: stainless steel
Grade: 201/304/316
Nominal Diameter: M1.6-M10
Tooth Pitch: 0.25-1.5
Length: 2-120
Surface Treatment: natural color

Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency

Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal

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Description of Stainless Flat Head Machine Screw

Cross recessed pan head machine screws refer to machine wire screws with cross recess, indicated by the letters PM. The cross recessed pan head screws with the thread specification of M1.6-M10, performance grade 4.8, A-50, A2-70, CU2, CU3 and AL4, H and Z type cross recesses and product grade A are specified by the state. Stainless steel cross recessed pan head screws with cross slots made in the head have good slot strength, which is easy to realize automatic disassembly and installation of screws, but need to be used with corresponding specifications of cross-shaped screw screwing tools. Purchase 201/304/316 stainless steel round head screws choose Aozhan fastener manufacturers, complete specifications, spot supply, support customization, contact us quickly to purchase!

Advantages of Stainless Flat Head Machine Screw

1. Insulation, non-magnetic

2. Corrosion resistance, no rust

3. Beautiful appearance, durable

4. Easy to operate, save time

Quality Inspection


Why choose us?

1.Experience: more than 10 years of processing and manufacturing of pan head machine screws, mature production process

2. Scale: 10,000 square meters plant to meet the supply capacity

3. Customization: We can accept customers' drawing design orders and OEM&ODM orders

4. Packaging: We can package according to customer's demand, until satisfaction

Production Process

Production- process

Application of Stainless Pan Head Machine Screws

In the application range of stainless steel cross pan head screws have insulation, non-magnetic, anti-corrosion, beautiful features, the use of strength performance and metal is not much different, because the common application in the store industry, office equipment, mechanical equipment above, etc.. Pan head screws have obvious rounded head, generally used on the internal workpiece, and round head screws because of the head type, after installation of semi-circular screw head exposed to the installed surface, often used for fastening the appearance of the workpiece does not require high.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram

Our Certification

Our Certification

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