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Some Problems and Solutions of Stainless Steel Bolt

1. Blackening of stainless steel bolts

Reasons for blackening of stainless steel bolts: The blackening of stainless steel bolts is generally caused by the high heat generated during cold heading or tooth rolling. Generally, it occurs in the part of the cross groove. During the production process, the supply of lubricating oil can stop the heat and relax in time, and the speed of the machine can also be adjusted appropriately to prevent problems from occurring. Of course, in addition to technical reasons, the blackening of stainless steel bolts may also be caused by the material problems of the stainless steel bolts themselves.

Process flow of the blackening solution for stainless steel bolts: degreasing-water-passing-cross groove cleaning agent-water-passing-neutralization-water-passing-drying; heating the stainless steel bolt cross groove cleaning agent to 70 degrees, and then degreasing After that, put the stainless steel bolt products into the cross groove cleaning agent, soak for 5-15 minutes, rinse with water, neutralize and blow dry.

2. Anti-loosening problem of stainless steel bolts

The main reasons for the loosening of stainless steel bolts: spontaneous steel structure bolts or high-strength bolts and other loosening - shock, oscillation, dynamic load, loosening - settlement, creep, relaxation.

To prevent spontaneous loosening, slippage between coupling parts needs to be eliminated, perhaps at least down to below critical levels. This can be ended by adding axial tension, adding friction between clamped parts or reducing cyclic loads - for example, shock, oscillation or cyclic thermal loads.

Anti-loosening treatment of stainless steel bolts:

The first is to use the resilience of special materials, such as engineering resin materials, which have good resilience. Attach it to the stainless steel bolt thread. Make it mechanically conflict with nuts, or material products. Tremors and certain resistance. Thoroughly deal with loose screws.

The second, in short, is to apply a layer of glue on the thread of the stainless steel bolt, the so-called dispensing. This glue is called drop-resistant glue. This kind of glue has excellent functions such as high stickiness and non-toxicity. This glue is applied to stainless steel bolts, and after being monotonous, the adhesion is super strong. The stainless steel bolt thread can be combined with the nut thread, or after the threaded hole of the product is joined, the super tightening effect occurs. Play a super good anti-loosening effect.

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Post time: May-23-2022